4 Reasons to Translate Financial Content for the Québec Market

Contributing Writer, Multilingo PlusOriginal article: https://multilingoplus.com/4-reasons-translate-financial-content-quebec-market/ Imagine you are looking online for financial advice and you come across information about unit trusts and current accounts. Do you keep reading? If you are in North America, you might not be aware that these terms are better known in your country as “mutual funds” and “checking accounts”. Read more

Mental Health in the Workplace: Fighting Stigma

Contributing Writer, MedisysOriginal article: https://blog.medisys.ca/mental-health-in-the-workplace-fighting-stigma One in five Canadians will face a mental health issue during their lifetime — an issue touching more lives than diabetes or even heart disease. Yet mental health remains a taboo subject for many and often goes undiscussed and unnoticed, both at home and in the workplace. For employers, the […]

The Role of Extended Families in Ethnic Canadians’ Purchasing Decisions

Contributing Writer, Maple Diversity Communications, ethnic marketing agency.Original article: https://maplediversity.ca/ethnic-canadians-purchasing-decisions/ North American society, like most of Western Europe, is mostly composed of nuclear families. However, other parts of the world such as Asia, Africa, and Latin America include a much wider range of relatives in their concept of family. Since most newcomers to Canada come […]

Hinglish: The Evolution of Language in South Asian Advertising

Contributing Writer, Copyright Maple Diversity Communications, ethnic ad agency.Original article: http://maplediversity.ca/hinglish-the-evolution-of-language-in-south-asian-advertising/ Did you know there are more English speakers in India than in Canada, the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand combined? The reputation of English as a gateway to improving education prospects, social status and career opportunities is a main reason behind […]

Celebrity Endorsements – Understanding the South Asian Perspective

Contributing Writer, Copyright Maple Diversity Communications, ethnic ad agency.Original article: http://maplediversity.ca/celebrity-endorsements-understanding-the-south-asian-perspective/ South Asia is home to 1.7 billion people divided among 8 countries, 6 main religions and hundreds of languages. Across all these differences, what unites them? South Asia’s “twin obsessions” of Bollywood and Cricket, of course! Together, these provide a group of instantly recognizable […]

Leveraging the Big Fat Indo-Canadian Wedding

In recent years, the Indian wedding business has boomed to about 10 times the Canadian average. Are you missing out on this growing trend? Original article: http://maplediversity.ca/leveraging-the-big-fat-indo-canadian-wedding/ Contributing Writer, Copyright Maple Diversity Communications, ethnic ad agency. Read more

Drink the Chai, Eat the Mango

“Why don’t you eat mango instead?”, a friend commented matter-of-factly, as I was complaining about the difficulty of getting good apples at the market in April. As a Westerner living in India, clinging to old habits can be a way to create familiarity in this sometimes overwhelming country. “Muesli, yogurt and apples for breakfast – […]